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  • Molly Ramsay

Why is it so Hard to Solve Healthcare Problems with Shelby Sanderford

Episode Summary

To deliver the best service possible, a balance between the patients, providers, and payer’s needs is necessary.

In this first episode, we talked to Shelby Sanderford, CEO at DOCPACE. Jesse interviews her about how she ended up working in healthcare. Shelby wanted to be a doctor but after shadowing a teacher she fell in love with health administration. She found a root problem and started working towards solving it. That led her to found DOCPACE, a solution for wait times. In the next episode, both of them will dive deeper into the best time-management practices!

Join us on this conversation about how to balance every party’s interest to have a good outcome!

Today’s Guest - Shelby Sanderford

Shelby is the founder and CEO of DOCPACE.

She is a graduate of Tulane’s MBA program with a background in Healthcare Administration and a passion to improve healthcare for both physicians and patients. Shelby is a New Orleanian and an alum of Southern Methodist University where she got her BS degree in Applied Physiology and Enterprise. Her long-term goal is to improve healthcare in such a way that it becomes a low-stress commodity. She plans to do this by making healthcare as efficient, convenient, and transparent as possible via patent-pending software and machine learning.


Key Take-Aways

  • One of the most weighted metrics for success is patient wait time.

  • Misalignment creates source problems while the root problem is not being addressed.

  • Something always has to be compromised, finding balance is key.

  • Scheduling has so many moving parts, it is like playing Tetris.


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