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  • Molly Ramsay

Why Is Change So Hard? with Jason Ormond, Holly Davis, and Nathan Scholes.

Episode Summary

Change can be something difficult or challenging, but it will always be necessary.

We know life isn’t as static as we would want it to be. But having a change once in a while is good. Change management can be a whole conversation to have with teammates. Sometimes things happen so fast that the ability to adapt is a must to achieve what we plan. Keeping the team in a positive mindset is part of the leader’s job. This also happens inside companies when things go wrong.

In this panel-like conversation, Jason, Holly, Nathan, and Jesse discuss the best practices and advice in change management.

Today’s Guest - Jason Ormond

Jason Ormong is the director of Physician Service of the Pocatello Division of the Bingham Memorial Hospital.

His personal motto is “work hard to play hard.” With this in mind, he leads his work ethic and his personal life. Jason is a family team leader, knowing that they are included in every aspect of his life. He has two work goals: one, to someday be the CEO of a large medical organization, and two, to improve and have a positive impact on as many lives as possible.


Today’s Guest

Holly Davis

Holly Davis’ forte is change management and continuous quality improvement.

She is the Director Quality-Strategic Plan & Population Health at Bingham Memorial Hospital. Her skill set is varied and includes full business operations, data analysis and visualization, staff management, project management, and public speaking.


Nathan Scholes

Nathan is the Clinic Manager at Bingham Memorial Hospital.

Nathan believes in investing time and energy into creating positive change within organizations through effective leadership. Individuals should be given purpose and challenges to increase their value and capability to produce great results for their organization.


Key Take-Aways

  • As a culture, we make big plans but don’t break them down. The same thing happens when we break a team to do tasks, we never regroup to get feedback.

  • Jason says, “you have to be fully committed to really move through the change.”

  • Most change needs people to change too.

  • A leader must hold everyone accountable and recognize the wins.

  • Sometimes you need to back off emotionally to think with a clear mind.

  • To have a cultural change, micromanagement has to be eradicated.


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