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Walking Into Enormous Change with Jason Ormond

Episode Summary

Jason Ormond has a quite interesting story about how he landed in healthcare!

In this first episode with Jason, he reflects on how his life took several curves that led him to healthcare. Starting his work life as a builder and contractor, Jason decided to go back to school. He later started working at Pocatello Women’s Health Clinic, where he still is at the moment. Jason also talks about the adaptability to this new workspace where they function as separate clinics in the same building. He jokes around unifying processes between providers to successfully deliver high-quality services.

Join Jason and Jesse in this wonderful conversation about the administration of healthcare services!

Today’s Guest - Jason Ormond

Jason Ormong is the director of Physician Service of the Pocatello Division of the Bingham Memorial Hospital.

His personal motto is “work hard to play hard”. With this in mind, he leads his work ethic and his personal life. Jason is a family team leader, knowing that they are included in every aspect of his life. He has two work goals: one, to someday be the CEO of a large medical organization; and two, to improve and have a positive impact on as many lives as possible.


Key Take-Aways

  • Adaptability and persistence are necessary for any work environment.

  • Dr. Todd Allen says cultural change takes around 10 years of commitment.

  • Try to have a 10-year perspective of your business or administration plan to set goals.

  • Establish a workflow so everything runs smoothly.

  • Before calling your vendor, validate why it is not working.


Find Jason’s course recommendation on Intermountain Healthcare here:

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