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  • Molly Ramsay

Values-Based Evaluations with Dan Trube

Episode Summary

One of the most important tools in management is evaluation as it helps determine what works well and what needs to be improved in a certain program or initiative. Regular evaluations ensure that everyone understands what's expected of them, and it also serves to evaluate performance and productivity. Usually, evaluation involves numbers and ratings to measure efficiency. But do evaluations really have to revolve around numbers? Is there a better way of evaluating people without ranking them from 1 to 5? In this episode, we will learn of a new way of evaluating that’s more value-based than a scorecard.

We are excited to feature Dan Trube, the administrator for Idaho Arthritis Center in Boise, Idaho. Dan talks about his career, what led him into health care, and what kept him in health care. He also shares a unique evaluation system he created that focused more on conversations rather than ranking.

Dan discusses why a person's "fit" with the culture is important when hiring someone, and how emphasizing the company culture fosters camaraderie and support.

We also cover time management and Dan shares his tip on how to make sure you get all your evaluations done without feeling overwhelmed.

This is a great conversation packed with Dan's insights and learnings, so please tune in and enjoy!

Today's Guest - Dan Trube

Dan Trube is an Administrator at Idaho Arthritis Center at Boise, Idaho where he has been working since 2011. He also worked as an Operations Specialist and as a Director of Operations before MedMan.

Dan is highly adept at Healthcare Consulting, Strategic Planning, Physician Relations, Working with Physicians, and Medicare.

He completed his Bachelor's degree at Idaho State University and his Master's at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Find a mentor who can help you find the best career path.

  • Finding the right people with the best fit helps create a better company culture.

  • Work so hard as everybody else is working hard and then be a pleasure to be around.

  • Care for your work, the people you work with, and the patients.

  • Learn to communicate without getting angry.

  • Let your evaluations be more of a value-based tool rather than a scorecard.


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