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Turning Around a Crisis with MaKenna Little

Episode Summary

MaKenna Little is back again on the MedMan Podcast. In this episode, MaKenna shares her wisdom of crisis management turnarounds. After MedMan purchased a clinic several months ago, MaKenna was all hands on deck to manage it and transform it into a whole new facility. Her mission was to create a space in which someone could feel at home and receive quality care too. When the previous provider left, MaKenna saw the opportunity to take a pivotal turn within the clinic, and get a new perception from the community.

Tune in to catch some of MaKenna’s best advice on team building, patient customer care, setting goals, and stress management!

Today’s Guest - MaKenna Little

MaKenna Little is a young administrator with a passion for health. She got her HealthCare Administration bachelor's degree in 2018; in 2020 a master's degree from ISU. This Fruitland-born woman thought she would go to college in California, but found herself back in her home state to earn her degree.

After being an intern at MedMan where she developed a recruitment tool kit and oversaw the front desk, among other projects, MaKenna joined the MedMan team in a full-time position as the operations manager in their Boise office.

In her free time, MaKenna enjoys doing activities like skiing and hiking.

Key Take-Aways

  • Focus on the big rocks, not the pebbles.

  • Let people do what you know they are able to do.

  • Set your team by foreseeing obstacles, giving the right motivation, and a good example.

  • Create an experience for your patients.

  • Delegate tasks and teach your team to be good problem solvers to get results more effectively.


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