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  • Molly Ramsay

Treating People Well is Just Good Business with Joshua Thompson

Episode Summary :

Our guest for today is Joshua Thompson, a clinical assistant professor at Idaho State University.

He has broad experience in healthcare practice and in this episode we want you to hear about his amazing experience in this field. He will tell us how he got into healthcare and the reason why he chose to stay.

We will go through his experience as a professor, why he believes he can make a great impact on people, and his proudest moment as a practice administrator when he changed the mindset of his team and learned that treating people well results in growth and expansion for businesses.

If you are looking for some great advice on healthcare administration, please tune in!

Today’s Guest: Joshua Thompson

Joshua Thompson is a clinical assistant professor in the College of Business at Idaho State University. He has a Master's degree in public administration with an emphasis on healthcare. Besides being an educator, Joshua has a long career in healthcare administration. He worked as CEO at the Safe Haven Hospital and Care Center, a psychiatric hospital and nursing home and he has been an administrator for multiple nursing homes.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Being in management does not mean you have to keep away from your employees. Make sure you are visible and be kind.

  • Be the example. Set a culture of service, leadership, and trust.

  • Healthcare’s product is customer service, both for patients and staff.

  • Finances are important but people also are important.


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