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Top 21 of 2021 - Favorite Things for Wellness, Leadership Development and Productivity

Episode Summary

Welcome to the top 21 of 2021 tips, tools, and techniques episode!

We are joined by our dear friend Lauren Harris, who went on her own as a healthcare consultant after more than 20 years in healthcare management. Taking care of yourself is a whole-rounded task, this means it involves your physical and mental health, and also your workplace health. They chat about 4 categories: wellness, leadership development, community, and productivity. From wellness to sleep, to the physical environment you work in, to productivity apps and habits, they are all here to help you!

Tune in and see if you can apply all of the 21that Jesse and Lauren mentioned!

About our guest - Lauren Harris

Lauren Harris is passionate about independent medical practices and enjoys partnering with them to see them succeed.

After more than 20 years of honing her leadership and operational skills with various specialties in large and small organizations, she started her own consulting practice in July 2020, where she collaborates with practitioners and practice leaders by providing business and operational expertise.

She started her healthcare management career in 1992, received a BS degree in 1999, and achieved an MGMA/ACMPE certification in 2008 and FACMPE certification in 2013.

Key Take-Aways

  • Work in a space that makes you happy.

  • Calm, the app, offers different things to help you calm: bedtime stories, playlists, and much more.

  • Removing the name from a resume can help the unconscious bias towards name, gender, and race when hiring.

  • Finding a good counselor can help you process things easier.

  • People are not tolerating toxic environments, jobs, and managers.

  • If you don’t find a community that works for you, make your own.

  • Schedule a time in which you can concentrate on YOU.

  • Get your ideas going!

  • Have a day in which you don’t book any meetings and you concentrate on the projects.


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