• Molly Ramsay

The Terrible Act of Firing Someone

Episode Summary

This week’s episode is about the terrible act of letting someone go.

Both employer and employee will go through this at some point in their work lives. Jesse shares his thoughts and advice regarding this situation. One side of it is getting better at the process of firing someone while the other is feeling the uncomfortable emotions of doing it. These two have to be separated from the start, because doing so will never get any easier. Another great tip from Jesse is getting external help either from HR management or an attorney’s office to make sure everything is correct and in place.

From common mistakes to tips on how to deal when you have to let someone go, this episode brings you a little bit of peace of mind.

Key Take-Aways

  • One of Jay’s life mottos is “Let’s get uncomfortable”.

  • Firing someone will never get better or get easier.

  • When having to let someone go, remember they are human beings.

  • “Hire slow, fire fast”, Jesse says.

  • Try to document every conversation you have with your employers when you’re giving them feedback.

  • Be kind when letting someone go, but don’t keep going over and over the reasons or arguments.

  • Get help from an attorney’s office or HR management office to double-check everything.

  • As dramatic as it sounds, always have a witness to the conversations.

  • After letting someone go, talk to your team, tell them what just happened without giving too many details.


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