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  • Molly Ramsay

The Power of Connections with Jim Trounson

Episode Summary

Welcome back to the second interview with Medman’s founder Jim Trounson!

In the last episode, Jim shared his advice and reflections about scouting and hiring the perfect team. In this episode, he will talk about what to do with them once they are inside your organization. Jim’s first thought is about understanding life as a 3 step journey. Step one is figuring your identity. Step two is responsibility. Step three is freedom. Jim also talks about his involvement and mission with Medvale: to network and leverage better ideas.

Medvale is all about encouraging and working together to get better solutions. Listen to Jim’s thoughts on a perfect community!

Today’s Guest - Jim Trounson

Healthcare has been Jim’s calling for his entire professional life. For him, it’s the right combination of meaningful work and entrepreneurship.

Following service in Vietnam, Jim returned to Idaho to become the CEO of a hospital and help initiate and run a family medicine residency—before starting America’s first physician practice management and staff leasing company. As an entrepreneur, he knows the challenges of the good folks out there who are bringing their ideas to market

Jim is was the youngest hospital CEO of his time at the age of 25 and was awarded a Bronze Star while working for the Command Surgeon who ran all the medical facilities and programs in Vietnam.



Key Take-Aways

  • Remember Jim’s steps. One: identity. Two: responsibility and accountability to that identity. Three: the freedom that comes after step two.

  • Connect with people that share your values and ideas.

  • The covid-19 pandemic has brought new hospital-home care systems and telemedicine applications.

  • The future is already here.

  • Create the community you want to be in and engage with.

  • Medvale wants to get to the two degrees of separation instead of six degrees.


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