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  • Molly Ramsay

The Ideal Onboarding Experience

Episode Summary

Developing or bringing on teams can be a daunting experience for most managers, we know that first hand!

In this two-part special with Molly Ramsay we are breaking through how we can create a better experience for those members just joining the team and how we can improve the onboarding process. She believes that the onboarding process starts with the interviews and how they are presenting the company to the candidates. She also gives tips on how to build up someone’s first day. Molly also finalizes this interview sharing innovative ways you can engage your employees through simple actions!

Tune in and don’t miss the next episode with Molly!

About our guest - Molly Ramsay

Molly Ramsay is the Corporate Operations Director at MedMan. She has a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration from Idaho State University. She also worked as the education and talent director and as director of human resources at MedMan.

Key Take-Aways

  • The pandemic brought some growth to midsize organizations like MedMan.

  • Rehiring past employees can sometimes make the onboarding process simpler.

  • Having a designated trainer or orienter for the “newbie” will help them set up.

  • Have a specific space for this new member, even if it’s temporary.

  • Common language enhanced the company culture amongst employees.


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