• Molly Ramsay

The Future of Wearable Medical Technology

Episode Summary

We are back with our first international guest, Peter Vranes!

In the last episode, he shared his journey in entrepreneurship, wearable devices, and how we can continuously monitor certain levels and tests we usually get tested once or twice a year. For this occasion, Peter will talk to us about new revolutionary technologies. Data sets and their management with the patient at the center of it all are truly important right now. The early identification of some conditions can be so critical to their management, this is why having big data sets can help in this process. Remote patient monitoring is on the growing side of technology, and in the future, we will see more technology enabling it.

Join this second episode with Peter Vranes and listen to where medicine and healthcare can be headed!

About our guest - Peter Vranes

Peter Vranes is a Chemical Engineer and serial entrepreneur. Peter is the co-founder of Nutromics, an Australian MedTech company revolutionizing healthcare through continuous real-time molecular monitoring. The company’s innovative Smart Patch biosensor platform will solve some of the biggest healthcare challenges we face today in the fields of chronic disease prevention, chronic disease management, acute diseases, and Therapeutic Drug Monitoring.

Prior to Nutromics, Peter founded Biocore Technologies and lead the team with the development and commercialization of several natural cosmeceutical skincare brands that were distributed in 1,500 retailers throughout Australia. The company was successfully sold in 2013.

Key Take-Aways

  • Timing is super important in data sets.

  • When a patient is in sepsis, every single minute is critical for their recovery.

  • COVID accelerated the advancement of telehealth.

  • To get results, you need a combination of patience, hard work, and luck.


  • Connect and Follow Peter on LinkedIn here

  • Discover more about Nutromics here

  • Grab your copy of “The Obstacle is the Way” here

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