• Molly Ramsay

The Danger of Too Many Direct Reports with Jesse Arnoldson

Episode Summary

How many direct reports are enough?

Managers and leaders often have this question in mind when working. Jay and Jesse discuss this topic thoroughly based on their experience at MedMan. Even though the amount of reports depends on the practice one is managing, they are essential for decision-making. With this in mind, the amount recommended by Jesse is between 7 and 10. They have implemented several techniques at the clinics to improve the direct report system, like a roundabout analogy and schedule templates. Also, they talk about motivation and how keeping the team’s spirit up is an instant pathway to a good job.

Join our two hosts in this conversation and see which advice you can implement at work!

Key Take-Aways

  • For Jesse, the ideal amount of reports when managing a practice is around 7 to 10.

  • Direct reports need time and undivided attention from both the leader and the other individual.

  • The top performers of your team must have quality time with the leader.

  • When the whole team doesn’t understand the rules, everything will eventually break down.

  • Motivation is an indispensable requirement for success and greatness in any job.

  • Leaders often play an important role in the team’s fulfillment and happiness on the job.

  • Find help on your team; probably, there’s someone that can manage that specific thing better than you.


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