• Molly Ramsay

Taking Action in this Staffing Crisis with Jesse and Jay

Episode Summary

Recruiting and retaining employees is one of the most pressing issues in any industry right now.

After over 15 months of the covid-19 pandemic, managers see that many applicants are scheduling interviews, but they never show up. Workers across all industries are tired or burnt out, and having little pick-me-ups can help as an incentive. These incentives can come in the form of a taco truck on a specific day or mental health resources available. Another piece of advice Jesse gives is restructuring the workflows to see where can holes are supported and dealt with. Their final thought goes about leaders in this precise moment and how they have to double-check themselves to take care of their team.

Join Jesse and Jay to recognize the roots of what is going on in management right now.

Key Take-Aways

  • Across all industries, companies are being understaffed.

  • People are deciding to go back to school, cutting hours, or changing the scenery for some time.

  • Competition in 2021 has become cutthroat.

  • The interview processes must be quicker without decreasing their quality; it’s not about taking shortcuts; it’s about condensing the work.

  • Hiring processes have to be offer-ready nowadays.

  • People are burnt out, and they need incentives to cheer up at work.

  • Make sure that your employees know they have resources available to them.

  • One of the most challenging positions to fill in is the Medical Assistant role.

  • Payment is a big part of the competitive environment discussions.

  • Never waste a crisis; they are always a growth opportunity.


  • Know more about MedMan here

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