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Strategic Planning and the Move to 90 Days with Chuck Hulse

Episode Summary

We want to welcome back Chuck Hulse on the MedMan Podcast today!

In this episode, Jesse interviews Chuck about strategic planning, a very important skill needed to run a business. Chuck goes over the two most important factors of planning needs: clarity on the vision and how the process will be executed. He also states that success requires focus, therefore it needs planning. One technique for planning used by Chuck is the 90-day cadence in which he gathers the team every 90 days to talk about what happened, what was accomplished, and what are the next steps to the future.

Tune in on the next episode to gain Chuck’s wisdom on having successful planning sessions!

Today’s Guest: Chuck Hulse

Charles “Chuck” Hulse is the Chief Operating Officer at MedMan. Chuck has had an incredibly interesting career in the world of practice management. He’s the owner of The Transition Group and was the Director of Physician Practices at the Speare Memorial Hospital. He has also served as the Executive Director of Medical Affiliates of Cape Cod, the COO of Medical Management Inc, and more.

Chuck consults for the likes of Price Waterhouse Coopers, has led private hospital and system-based medical groups through ups and downs of everyday practice, strategy, and operations, and has challenged physicians, administrators, and other health care professionals to find joy in the practice of medicine.

Key Take-Aways

  • Everything in life needs planning.

  • Planning requires two important things: clarity about what will be done and how it will be executed.

  • Strategic planning helps you foresee problems and difficult situations and address them correctly and with time.

  • The planning process adapts to the pace of change.

  • Gather your team every 90 days to check up on them, the goals and the actions taken to accomplish the tasks in a general broad vision.

  • Recognize the Procrastination Model in your work.

  • Goal setting plays a big role in the planning.


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