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Recognizing an Employee is no Longer a Great Fit for the Role or Company with Joe Fong

Episode Summary :

At some stage in your career, you may feel burnout from long working hours and high levels of stress. This is especially true in healthcare with its demanding pace.

In today’s interview, we continue our conversation with Joe Fong. We cover ways to stay motivated at work and learn how Joe recharges himself.

Joe also shares key insights from the challenges and failures he has experienced, as well as tools that can help improve the decision-making process.

Joe’s experience as an administrator for more than 17 years has honed his leadership and people skills. He has learned to balance his career and personal life and found that sweet spot that keeps him motivated in his career.

Let’s learn how Joe has found balance and success in the healthcare industry and as a father. Please tune in for the whole episode!

Today’s Guest:

Joe Fong, is an administrator with MedMan, working at Medical Park Family at Anchorage, Alaska.

Prior to MedMan, Joe served in various roles with Providence for over 17 years, including an administrator for a critical access hospital and nursing home in Seward, Alaska. Outside of his professional life, Joe enjoys playing in the Alaskan outdoors with his family, hiking and biking in the summer, and skiing in the winter.

Joe has his MHA from the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota.

Key Take-Aways:

  • It can be hard to remember why you are in healthcare if your current job is positioned far from the patient. Find a connection from you to the patient.

  • There are plenty of capable and talented people just waiting to be given an opportunity and to be trusted.

  • Develop your team. Empower them with tools and resources that will help them be more effective in their tasks.


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