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Q&A: Recruiting and Interviewing with Jesse Arnoldson

Episode Summary

The first episode of this week is about the most frequent inquiries MedMan gets about recruitment and interviews.

Jesse covers x questions. From rearranging the interview process when there’s a no-show; to the relevance of references, Jesse talks about his experience dealing with these situations. Regarding incrementing the number of applicants, his advice is to give yourself more time to gather more applicants. Finally, Jesse gave quite a thought to what his favorite interview questions and processes are.

Join host Jesse Arnoldson while he answers them! This episode will for sure give you tools to have in hand in your next recruitment and interview process.

Key Take-Aways

  • Try to change in-person interviews to phone interviews or virtual calls.

  • References serve two purposes: first, one last chance to identify red flags; two, demonstrate specific skills in certain areas.

  • To increase the number of applicants to a position, send the information to social media, not for people to apply directly but to redirect them to the position’s landing page.

  • Reach out to people in the schools that pertain to the industry you work in to find candidates.

  • Give yourself more time to get a bigger pool of applicants for a position.

  • Have other people you work with be part of the interview process so you, as the decision-maker, can get different points of view.


  • Check out Who, The A method for hiring book here.

  • If you have new questions and want Jesse to answer them email him at

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