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  • Molly Ramsay

Moving From Paper to Electronic Records with Peter Berger

Episode Summary :

Getting healthcare to rural areas can be a challenge sometimes, especially when it comes to keeping medical records. Our guest for today is someone that has made a great impact on underserved people’s lives by providing the health access they cannot get while living in secluded areas.

Peter Berger is a retired Administrator from MedMan who began working with NGOs and found his purpose in changing people's lives. He talks about how new opportunities opened up when he went back in the 1990s from paper records back to EMRs. He also emphasizes how determination and having a clear sight of things to come is an important attribute to medical practice.

He shares here his beliefs on leadership, communication issues within medical groups, and how consistency is an important aspect when it comes to both understanding and expressing expectations.

Make sure you tune in to get plenty of nuggets from this interview!

Today’s Guest: Peter Berger

Peter Berger is a retired administrator with MedMan. He began his career in healthcare around 1976 when he joined NGOs that opened mobile clinics in the deserts of southeastern California. He joined MedMan in 1983 and was working for the company since then, until his retirement this year.

Outside of MedMan, he worked for a year at Stanford's Children's Health. Peter also has an incredible understanding of success in life and how good it feels to help improve people's lives.

Key Take-Aways:

Determination is a key aspect when you want to achieve your goals.

Make sure you are clear when trying to communicate an idea or a result.

Success can come in different ways.


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