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Motivating Your People and Helping Them Grow Their Careers with Chuck Hulse COO at MedMan

Episode Summary :

One of the many joys of working in Human Resources is the opportunity to see growth in people and organizations. Today’s guest did not just get the chance to observe growth, he was instrumental to it.

Chuck is the COO of MedMan and in this episode, he shares what keeps him motivated. He also talks of successes he’s had in his career, insights he has gained from challenges and successes, and the impact great leaders, trust, and keeping an eye to the goal has when working with companies. You can hear the passion and commitment in Chuck’s voice when he talks of helping people and creating organizations where people feel good working in.

Chuck shares key points when working with people and organization, and insights he has gained from his years in the business. He also talks about failed deployments and reviving the trust of health professionals. You’ll pick up plenty of nuggets in this conversation, so please tune in!

Today’s Guest: Chuck Hulse

Charles “Chuck” Hulse is the Chief Operating Officer at MedMan. Chuck has had an incredibly interesting career in the world of practice management. He’s the owner of The Transition Group and was the Director of Physician Practices at the Speare Memorial Hospital. He has also served as the Executive Director of Medical Affiliates of Cape Cod, the COO of Medical Management Inc, and more.

Chuck consults for the likes of Price Waterhouse Coopers, has led private hospital and system-based medical groups through ups and downs of everyday practice, strategy, and operations, and has challenged physicians, administrators, and other health care professionals to find joy in the practice of medicine

Key Take-Aways:

  • People have to be ready for a change.

  • Earn the trust of people you work with.

  • The leadership sets the tone for any project.

  • A multidisciplinary group of people can bring about success.

  • Begin with the end in mind (from Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Successful People)

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