• Molly Ramsay

Living your Values - Sharing with Jesse and Jay

Episode Summary

Welcome back to the Living your Values series. In this episode, Jay and Jesse discuss Sharing inside MedMan. This value transferred from the old owners of the company to the new when MedMan was purchased in 2018. This value is based on strengthening and growing the network they work with. Jesse thinks about sharing as cross-pollination occurs with bees and flowers: we all benefit from it. Jay thinks of it through the pie analogy, where you can keep a slice of it, but when shared, it can get bigger each time. For Jay, sharing has two sides: knowledge and shortcomings. This value comes with vulnerability and curiosity.

Jay and Jesse have a really heartfelt conversation about how they live this value inside a company like MedMan and how they take it to a personal context.

Key Take-Aways

  • MedMan follows the saying, “all ships rise with the tide.”

  • Before Silicon Valley in California, Route 128 existed in Boston.

  • Route 128 was the US’s prime hub for technology development.

  • Sharing is like the cross-pollination process with bumblebees and flowers.

  • Sharing as a value requires vulnerability to say “I don’t have an answer for this” and the strength to say “let’s find it together.”

  • Open communication channels for people to share what they think or ask for help.

  • When an employee lives your values, express gratitude either individually or collectively.

  • Finding people that match your values will catapult your company.


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