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  • Molly Ramsay

Living Your Values Series- Intellectual Curiosity - Part 1 with Jesse and Jay

Episode Summary

Welcome to the first episode of a new mini-series about how we live our values at MedMan.

In the following episodes, we want to share how our core values transcend in everything we do.

Intellectual Curiosity is a must for every team member at MedMan; it should be for your company too! The world is changing faster than ever, and our teams must keep themselves updated daily. New knowledge in medicine is being developed and published every day. Intellectual curiosity is like a muscle. You can exercise to make it stronger to turn it into a daily habit. Promoting the values within the team is also important. Jay dives deep into the hiring process and finding this curiosity in the candidates.

Jesse and Jay share how they promote intellectual curiosity at MedMan; join them and try to apply this at your job!

Key Take-Aways

  • When you have to choose values, there’s none more important than the other. They are all equal.

  • It’s important to have a thirst for knowledge, the unknown things out there that can complement our professional practice.

  • Employees that show intellectual curiosity are the ones that thrive the most.

  • Intellectual curiosity is being attracted to those things we do not know and are open to learning.

  • In 1950 it would take around 100 years to double our knowledge in medicine.

  • Today, we can double our knowledge in medicine every 7 years.

  • There is never a finish line when it comes to learning.

  • The more one thing is talked about, the more the message comes through.


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