• Molly Ramsay

Identifying Talent and Betting Big with Jim Trounson

Episode Summary

Today’s guest is an exceptional one!

Jim Trounson is here today to tell us the story of MedMan. As his founder and CEO, Jim goes back to how and why he started this company. Not having a micromanagement system and having all the team know their income is important to MedMan’s initial values. He also reflects on leadership and hiring processes. The constant thought of upgrading the team is necessary to be better at our jobs. Also, Jim chats about the best practices to keep the team’s energy at a high level.

In this episode, Jim provides advice from his experience to lead and upgrade the team.

Today’s Guest - Jim Trounson

Healthcare has been Jim’s calling for his entire professional life. For him, it’s the right combination of meaningful work and entrepreneurship.

Following service in Vietnam, Jim returned to Idaho to become the CEO of a hospital and help initiate and run a family medicine residency before starting America’s first physician practice management and staff leasing company. As an entrepreneur, he knows the challenges of the good folks out there who bring their ideas to market.

Jim was the youngest hospital CEO of his time at the age of 25 and was awarded a Bronze Star while working for the Command Surgeon who ran all the medical facilities and programs in Vietnam.

Source: https://medvale.com/about/team/

Source: https://www.jimtrounson.com/about

Key Take-Aways

  • Always try to think: “First who, then what.”

  • As a CEO, you have to know who you want to work with and what kind of people you want on your team.

  • Like Jim would say: “Hire slow, fire fast.”

  • Leaders should be the most involved in the talent acquisition process.

  • Skills can be trained; competencies can’t.

  • Send your team the questions you want to ask in the meetings beforehand.


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