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  • Molly Ramsay

Getting Past Staff Complaints with Jay Holmes

Episode Summary :

Being a leader means taking responsibility and being able to guide the people when they are in need. Challenges can come in many ways, especially in times of a pandemic when we all suffer and have different means of handling things and coping with stress.

In this second episode -Getting Past Staff Complaints-, we have Jesse Arnoldson here to let us know about some personal experiences he's had when trying to confront these issues. We will discuss some general aspects of how complaints from employees usually come in, the way they should be addressed, and the importance of a leader understanding the reason behind this complaint.

Jesse will also let us know some key steps that should be taken when handling complaints between employees, going from learning about personality and specifics on people to encouraging them to solve the problem themselves while letting them know they can still reach you if something goes wrong.

Please tune in for the whole episode as this is full of amazing tips to learn from and to use in your practice.

Today’s Guest:

Jesse is the Director of Practice Administrator for Thrive Pediatrics and one of the Principals at MedMan. Before joining MedMan, he was an Owner/Insurance Agent and a Graduate Assistant Consultant, an Intern, and a Roving Manager.

He completed his Master's and Bachelor's degrees from Idaho State University.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Personality profiles can be really handy when trying to understand other people.

  • Managers might have pitfalls, but you need to make sure you have the correct approach to provide a better outcome.

  • Keep things respectful.

  • Understand that complaints usually one-sided, make sure you ask for specifics.


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