• Molly Ramsay

Get to Know DocResponse with Tarek Fahl

Episode Summary

Today we talk about one of the best tools available in the healthcare market today.

In this episode, we are excited to feature Dr. Tarek Fahl, the Founder, and CEO of DocResponse. Dr. Fahl talks about his medical background and how he transitioned into the tech world. He shares how DocResponce delivers solutions to create a better and more efficient workflow. By leveraging technology and several other capabilities, this documentation tool reduces burnout among clinicians, digitizes the documentation process, removes redundancy, improves patient experience, and more. Dr. Fahl also shares his insights on innovation, ideal customer, and company goals. If you want to learn more about DocResponse, this podcast episode is for you. Enjoy!

Today's Guest: Dr. Tarek Fahl

Tarek is the founder and CEO at DocResponse. He is a graduate of Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. He completed his residency in Orthopedic Surgery from Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia and completed a fellowship in arthroscopy and sports medicine from Baylor College of Medicine in Houston.

Things You'll Learn

  • The mindset needs to be of the adoption of technology and efficiency.

  • Make your tool as efficient as it can be, as high tech as it can be, to make the experience better.



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