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From Solo to Team with Jared Schultz Director of Practice Management Services at MSM Inc.

Episode Summary :

In this episode, we host Jared Schultz, Director of Practice Management Services at Medical Specialties Managers Inc. Jared shares his inspiration for getting into health care and his motivation for staying in healthcare. We dive into his experience how he has helped create structure and define expectations and support from the various levels of the organization empower. We discuss topics of finding a connection to the patient, helping improve healthcare outcomes, investing and empowering people, resources he’s used, and more!

Jared shares great insights in this interview, so please tune in to the full episode!

Today’s Guest:

Jared Schultz is the Director of Practice Management Services at Medical Specialties Managers Inc where he is involved in supporting a number of practice management clients and consulting engagements.

Before MSM, Jared was a Practice Administrator at MedMan for more than two years.

He has a dual master’s degree from the University of Utah School of Medicine and David Eccles School of Business.

Key Take-Aways:

It can be hard to remember why you are in healthcare if your current job is positioned far from the patient. Find a connection from you to the patient.

There are plenty of capable and talented people just waiting to be given an opportunity and to be trusted.

Develop your team. Empower them with tools and resources that will help them be more effective in their tasks.


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