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From College to a Career in Practice Management with MaKenna Little

Episode Summary

In this MedMan episode, we brought MaKenna Little over as a guest.

MaKenna is a health administrator that is working her way to the top and who is now working at different clinics and practice centers. She is a firm believer that if you surround yourself with the people that you look up to, they're going to help you get where you want a lot faster!

In this conversation, they go over gaining experience while you're in college, the importance of getting a good mentorship system, and how saying yes and running the extra mile as an intern will give in favor points when applying for a job. Right now it is not enough just to earn a bachelor's degree, hands-on experience and education in the field are key.

Learn about MaKenna’s journey and where she is headed tuning in to this episode!

Today’s Guest - MaKenna Little

MaKenna Little is a young administrator with a passion for health. She got her HealthCare Administration bachelor's degree in 2018; in 2020 a master's degree from ISU. This Fruitland born woman thought she would go to college in California, but found herself back in her home state to earn her degree.

After being an intern at MedMan where she developed a recruitment tool kit and oversaw the front desk, among other projects, MaKenna joined the MedMan team in a full-time position as the operations manager in their Boise office.

In her free time, MaKenna enjoys doing activities like skiing and hiking.

Key Take-Aways

  • Try to get jobs that show you how everything works inside-out.

  • Put yourself out there and meet as many people as you can. Get mentors that can advise you on your way.

  • In the relationship game, it's quality over quantity.

  • Always say yes to new experiences, good and bad.


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