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What Everyone Should Know about Hiring with Jesse Arnoldson

Episode Summary:

Hiring the right kind of people is important in any business, but more especially in healthcare. The medical and nonmedical staff all work together to support and extend patient care, so you must have the right people in place. That’s what we will be talking about today in this podcast.

This episode features Jesse Arnoldson, a Practice Administrator for Thrive Pediatrics and one of the Principals at MedMan. Jesse discusses how he and his company support medical companies by finding the right people to work for them. He shares his perspective on hiring new employees, following company guidelines and procedures, and the impact of hiring unprepared people on staff morale. He talks of ways to organize the operation. Jesse also shares some fascinating insights from his work in MedMan.

Jesse gives us a low-down on all things hiring, along with amazing key learnings for everyone. This is a great conversation you don’t want to miss!

Today’s Guest: Jesse Arnoldson

Jesse is the Director of Practice Administrator for Thrive Pediatrics and one of the Principals at MedMan.. Before joining MedMan, he was an Owner/Insurance Agent and a Graduate Assistant Consultant, an Intern, and a Roving Manager.

He completed his Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees from Idaho State University.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Take your time to get to know the people, the situation, and the problem better before solving it. It would make a huge difference.

  • What people want versus what they need quite often are not the same thing.

  • It is hard to convince other people to get on board with you for a slower, better process, but the pain of how it fails when it fails is much worse.


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