• Molly Ramsay

Improving Workflow Efficiency and Operations with Jesse Arnoldson

Episode Summary :

One of the goals of this podcast is to uncover resources that can help you level up, increase efficiency, and improve outcomes. In this episode, our guest shares his secret for success and in staying disciplined in the business.

Today's guest is Jesse Arnoldson. Jesse is a Practice Administrator for Thrive Pediatrics. He is also one of the principals of the management firm MedMan. In this episode, Jesse shares the purpose of his career and his motivation for working in the healthcare space. He talks about accountability and commitment to finding solutions to problems in the healthcare space. He also discusses the EOS, its tools, and how it can improve efficiency and add discipline in the work-flow. If you're looking for an entrepreneurial operating system to use in your office, this podcast is just what you need! Please tune in for the whole episode.

Today's Guest: Jesse Arnoldson

Jesse is the Director of Practice Administrator for Thrive Pediatrics and one of the Principals at MedMan.. Before joining MedMan, he was an Owner/Insurance Agent and a Graduate Assistant Consultant, an Intern, and a Roving Manager.

He completed his Master's and Bachelor's degrees from Idaho State University.

Key Take-Aways:

  • The healthcare industry as a whole is ripe for progress, innovation, and actual impactful change.

  • Focus on the most important things.

  • Do them in the right way.



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