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  • Molly Ramsay

DocPace Is Revolutionizing the Way We Schedule Patients with Shelby Sanderford

Episode Summary

Welcome back to our chat with Shelby Sanderford!

In this episode, we take off where we left with the DOCPACE mission: To reduce the wait time for patients. Through Artificial Intelligence, DOCPACE is creating a system to understand how the provider and the patient behave. Based on machine learning, data is analyzed to play Tetris with the schedule and avoid potential gaps of times. DOCPACE is giving back doctors a little of their time back.

How are you managing time at your practice? Maybe DOCPACE can help you!

Today’s Guest - Shelby Sanderford

Shelby is the founder and CEO of DOCPACE.

She is a graduate of Tulane’s MBA program with a background in Healthcare Administration and a passion to improve healthcare for both physicians and patients. Shelby is a New Orleanian and an alum of Southern Methodist University where she got her BS degree in Applied Physiology and Enterprise. Her long-term goal is to improve healthcare in such a way that it becomes a low-stress commodity. She plans to do this by making healthcare as efficient, convenient, and transparent as possible via patent-pending software and machine learning.


Key Take-Aways

  • DOCPACE organizes data through artificial intelligence in their system.

  • The provider’s behavior and the patient’s behavior have a direct correlation with how smooth the day can flow.

  • The alignment of providers and patients creates a better outcome in the experience.


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