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  • Molly Ramsay

Deliberate Culture with Molly Ramsay

Episode Summary

We are so happy to have Molly Ramsay over on the show again!

This time she is here to talk about deliberate culture and its impact on organizations. One of Molly’s biggest challenges and passions is company culture; This is why she jumped into the ship when MedMan was purchased in 2018. At MedMan, they had big company culture actions and small culture actions, like getting a meal with an interviewee as part of the process to get to know them. Together, they go through shared experiences at MedMan and how the culture has impacted their decisions.

Tune in to this episode and leave with excellent takeaways about company culture.

Today's Guest - Molly Ramsay

Molly Ramsay is the Corporate Operations Director at MedMan. She has a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration from Idaho State University. She also worked as the education and talent director and as director of human resources at MedMan.

Key Take-Aways

  • Every company has its own culture.

  • Default culture is the one that comes naturally; it’s fate.

  • Deliberate culture is the one you create for the company.

  • Deliberate cultural actions can be small or huge.

  • “Culture is something you can’t hurry up.” - Molly Ramsay

  • Behavior changes may be a sign of eroding company culture.


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