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  • Molly Ramsay

Deep Dive Into Our Values: Positivity with Molly Ramsay

Episode Summary

Today we are diving deep into another of our values: Positivity.

This core value is across the MedMan staff and is a criterion for being hired in the organization. Positivity isn’t being a ball of sunshine 24/7; it means always taking into account an optimistic approach to outcomes. Molly explains how she knows about someone’s positivity through the hiring experience. They also chat about how some feelings may be overwhelming sometimes and need moderation.

Today's Guest - Molly Ramsay

Molly Ramsay is the Corporate Operations Director at MedMan. She has a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration from Idaho State University. She also worked as the education and talent director and as director of human resources at MedMan.

Key Take-Aways

  • “It's often easier for people to be grumpy than it is to be happy” - Molly Ramsay.

  • People often have a theme or particular way to answer questions.

  • Answers to certain questions tell more about people than their own words.

  • Every feeling must come in moderation, positivity included.


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