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  • Molly Ramsay

Compromised Hiring Decisions with Jesse and Jay

Episode Summary

Hiring may be a daunting task for any Manager, Jesse Arnoldson knows this first hand.

In this episode, Jay Holmes interviews Jesse on this topic. Based on personal experiences, Jesse reflects on times in which he has been compromised during hiring processes, how to avoid failures in the future and how he has grown after them. Together, our two hosts shed light on advice on the ideal hiring process and when to cross-train your team. They also go through the temptations and pressures one may feel during the hiring process and steps you should not skip.

Join Jesse and Jay on this week’s episode of the MedMan Podcast!

Key Take-Aways

  • Your decision-making ability has to be on point when it comes to hiring the next individual on your team.

  • You may be pressured to hire too quickly, try to avoid this, or you will end up skipping key steps of the process.

  • Resumes are the first impression one gets when hiring.

  • Have people in the pipeline even if there are no positions available.

  • Cross-training is a way to keep the team interested in different duties, don’t do it in the middle of the hiring process.


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