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Building Your Healthcare Network with Donna Bergman

Episode Summary

In this second part of our interview with Donna, we cover the power of networking and dive deep into actionable steps to building a strong health care network.

Jesse swaps stories with Donna on how they got into their respective local chapters. Donna recounts her funny experiences building a network and the piece of advice her boss and mentor told her. She also shares how networking can impact a career, tips on the best ways to engage with your local chapter, and ways to build great network support.

If you've been struggling to create a network, this episode will inspire you to work harder and smarter.

Today's Guest - Donna Bergman

Donna is the Population Health Director at St. Luke's Hospital System. She is also the Membership Director of the Idaho MGMA. Donna is an experienced administrator with proven results in building, refining, and restructuring medical operations. She has worked in different clinics and has diverse business development, recruitment, operations, financial management, and education/training for multi-million dollar medical practices.


Key Take-Aways

  • Practice Management is hard. It's hard emotionally. It's hard mentally. It's hard to keep your cool.

  • Discover your happiness level.

  • People are paying the price because we are not delivering effectively and efficiently the health care services that they need.

  • Get out and meet people and talk about health care.

  • Get to know people make the connection to health care.

  • You have to have a deep understanding of what the community needs, what your patients need, and you're not always going to find them in health care circles.

  • There's power in having good connections.


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