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  • Molly Ramsay

Building Trust in Teams Jesse and Jay

Episode Summary

MedMan is back with another remarkable episode!

In this episode, Jay and Jesse examine the meaning of trust and its importance inside a community. Jesse expresses his thoughts on the effectiveness of building confidence in people’s relationships, using examples based on his personal experience. Together, they dive deep into the meaning of trust and those places where the word is misused or misinterpreted; having the team on the same page will build a foundation. They talk about the necessity of trust inside MedMan and how this has been the decisive factor to the community’s success so far.

Follow Jay and Jesse on this episode and learn how you can gain trust from the people near you!

Key Take-Aways

  • Sometimes, organizations might lack trust and confidence between their team members.

  • Reliance and confidence are essential MedMan values.

  • Trusting the people around you makes you feel comfortable being vulnerable.

  • Withholding trust can make your life difficult and less enjoyable.

  • The existence of trust can be reflected in the simplest of things, such as sharing.

  • Make sure trust has the same meaning for you and your team.

  • Spend quality time with the person you want to build trust with.

  • Overcoming obstacles and accomplishing tasks together is the foundation of a trustful relationship.

  • Correcting other people's work can make them question your faith in their effort and reduce their creativity.

  • A team can achieve astonishing things when feeling trusted.

  • MedMan has established trust, reliability, and effective cooperation within its members.


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