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Building a Patient Panel From Scratch with Sherry Stanton

Episode Summary

Sherry Stanton is back to discuss the journey of building a patient panel with us in this episode of The MedManPodcast!

When Sherry saw how difficult it was for some people to have access to a care provider, she took the decision of becoming one herself. For the last four years, she has been a nurse practitioner. Sherry recognizes the hardest part of the patient panel building is making them understand that even though the building is old, they are a new clinic wanting to provide family care. Sherry talks about how they work at Star Family Health and Wellness and how having blocked time helps when same-day appointments arise.

Get to know more about the family sense in her work on this second episode with Sherry Stanton!

Today’s Guest - Sherry Stanton

Sherry Stanton is all things patient care!

Sherry L. Stanton is originally from Virginia and received her Nursing degree in 1983 from Simpson School of Nursing. In 2013, Sherry graduated from Arizona State University with her BSN and then earned her Master of Science in Nursing in 2017 from the University of South Alabama. As a Registered Nurse, Sherry worked in the hospital setting as a Charge Nurse in various Adult Intensive Care Units (ICU) and specialized in Pediatric ICU and the Neonatal ICU for 22 years.

Sherry also enjoys going on walks and hikes with her dog and her grandchildren, gardening, and gaming. She confesses her love for her PS4!


Key Take-Aways

  • To Sherry, nursing is a calling.

  • Word of mouth is extremely important to a provider’s success.

  • Having small communities creates a family feeling between individuals.


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