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  • Molly Ramsay

Avoiding Narrow Interview Structures with Jesse and Jay

Episode Summary

We all go through an interview process but have you ever thought about what’s behind them?

In this new MedMan Podcast episode, Jay interviews Jesse about the interview structures and how to avoid narrow ones during the hunting and hiring process. Jesse delves into the importance of different types of structures he has used on the MedMan clinic: from phone interviews to one-on-ones and group interviews. They also discuss how much valuable information you can get about a candidate when they are engaging with other people that are not in charge of the process. Jesse likes to do this and know how the candidates interact with the front desk before and after the interviews. He also suggests creating the steps of the process backward, knowing what you need to know from the candidate before initiating the interviews.

Join Jay and Jesse and Jay on the second episode of the Hiring Series at the MedMan Podcast!

Key Take-Aways

  • The mood of an interview depends on environmental factors like time, space, and people's attitudes

  • Group interviews show different ways to engage individuals.

  • Interviews need people with the capacity of adapting themselves while speaking with candidates.

  • A perfect candidate has the ability to lead with confidence and the humility to accept when they are wrong or don’t know the answer.

  • Stay curious: life-learners are valued in organizations.

  • If you are an interviewer:

  • The more you do, the more lessons you learn.

  • Know what you want from a candidate and try to create the interview process backward.


  • Jay and Jesse talk about Malcolm Gladwell's book titled “Talking to Strangers”.

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