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Advice On Having a Great Planning Session with Chuck Hulse

Episode Summary

To have a successful planning session with your team you got to really know them!

In this second episode, Chuck Hulse is back with Jesse and they discuss tips and tricks to having a great planning session. Chuck recognizes that one of the biggest pitfalls in this topic is not being well prepared enough for the session. Having in mind the team’s expectations, company values, and overall goals is important and will give clarity to everyone present. He also knows that to have a successful session, one needs to know who will attend and how to set up the space you are in. Small things like space disposition and mood may decide the success of the event.

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Today’s Guest: Chuck Hulse

Charles “Chuck” Hulse is the Chief Operating Officer at MedMan. Chuck has had an incredibly interesting career in the world of practice management. He’s the owner of The Transition Group and was the Director of Physician Practices at the Speare Memorial Hospital. He has also served as the Executive Director of Medical Affiliates of Cape Cod, the COO of Medical Management Inc, and more.

Chuck consults for the likes of Price Waterhouse Coopers, has led private hospital and system-based medical groups through ups and downs of everyday practice, strategy, and operations, and has challenged physicians, administrators, and other health care professionals to find joy in the practice of medicine.

Key Take-Aways

  • State your team’s expectations before the planning session.

  • Test the technology used so the meeting doesn’t go south.

  • Have the company’s values present and the attendees’ mood when starting the session.

  • Set the room beforehand for what you, as a leader, want the session to look like and feel like.

  • Start with an A-plan but have Plan B’s and Plan C’s up the sleeve!

  • Use the hand of a facilitator during these meetings to keep everyone grounded and focused.


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