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  • Jay Holmes

Thought Leadership

Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) held their annual conference in New Orleans this year, and some of the MedMan team had the opportunity to attend and soak up some amazing information and meet with some of the best and brightest in our industry.

A goal of MedMan is to be ahead of the information curve in our industry. One of our strategies to attain this is to showcase our thought leadership in our areas of expertise. Over the past year, we have had the privilege to speak in front of many audiences and in many different formats. A pinnacle for us came last year when two of our or own, Molly Ramsay and Amber Pedersen, hit it out of the park speaking at the 2018 MGMA national conference in Boston. That success led to a podcast appearance, other speaking engagements and plenty of online exposure.

Being a learning organization, we saw a strategy that succeeded in reaching our goal. We wanted to do it again. Fortunately, Chuck and I got selected to present at this year’s conference on dashboards and metrics. Knowing that this topic can put the most devoted number cruncher to sleep, we wanted to change things up a little.

Our presentation moved away from validating our ten metrics are better than yours, to a role-playing scenario highlighting the importance of the process in which dashboards are used. We were able to convey that value is derived from the process, not the individual metrics used. The process is to quickly identify issues, get an understanding of what is driving those issues and then follow up with an action plan that has the potential to positively impact the issues. These actions are either validated or disproved by reviewing the dashboard the next month.

The process, as usually the case, delivers the most value.

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