• Chuck Hulse

Focus on Function

The DIY movement is alive and well in medicine, and patients are rebelling against the “take a pill for it” mentality. Medications are expensive, many times require complicated “prior authorizations” or unfortunately are just not a covered insurance benefit. Moreover, the risk of adverse reactions can do harm. According to the FDA 6.7% of hospitalized patients have a serious adverse reaction with a fatality rate that equates to 2.2 million adverse drug reactions in hospitalized patients and 106,000 deaths each year. A class of drugs called Statins – targeted at reducing cholesterol and heart disease – have been reported to cause heart failure and new research shows the relationship between cholesterol and heart disease is suspect. Some chemotherapy drugs whose task is to suppress cancer are thought to create cancer.

Things are happening to disrupt society’s reliance on medication. Instead of pharmaceuticals that can mask symptoms, diet and lifestyle are taking center stage for improving health. Supporting this trend is an emerging specialty of medicine called Functional Medicine.

Look for Millennials to drive the growth toward Functional Medicine. Why? Household income for Millennial couples is higher than any young generation before it, and according to a recent study they spend more on out of pocket healthcare services than baby boomers. They also are 5x more likely to use a personal trainer and are more likely than any other generation to meet with a nutritionist to design a meal plan. You might say…. they are focused on function. Functional Medicine expert Frank Lipman, MD writes, “the keys to optimizing function are paying attention to the changes as they are happening instead of powering past them…rather than automatically suppressing them with medication…” His new bestselling book is How to Be Well: The 6 Keys to A Happy and Healthy Life.

I am looking for functional medicine experts to lead the revolution of healthcare delivery.

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