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  • Randy Evaro

Weathering the Storm

Aligning purpose and strategy is something that all leaders, in all settings should be focused on like a laser.

In planning sessions with medical practices, MedMan endeavors mightily to focus groups to determine whom they want to be and what plans they will need to get there. Depending on the group, their circumstances and how the plan is adhered to, the execution of the plan as designed can be highly variable. Stuff happens, it is understandable that every objective and tactic in a plan may not be implemented due to disruptive events: people announce their departure, a painful audit occurs or changes in the competitive market occur shifting focus. Working in healthcare, these types of events are just another Monday, for those that are prepared to weather the storm.

How is the storm weathered? Having a carefully constructed and articulated annual plan is a big step in the right direction. Most integral to that plan is the foundation upon which it is built: purpose. Purpose is what the business is trying to achieve; in MedMan speak this is often referred to as the annual goal. The plan objective and secondary components would be the strategy: the how of moving from point A to B.

We have recently come across some old friends and some new ones, floundering without purpose and without a strategy. The lack of alignment between purpose and strategy has injured them. True to MedMan’s Immutable Law: Turning the Turtles, we are helping them to get off their back onto their feet. Clear purpose and strategy; and holding steadfastly to those despite the distractions, will be the lever MedMan uses to flip them back over, allowing them to weather the storm of another Monday.

Be resolute in purpose and thoughtful in your strategy - you can weather the Monday’s too. Call us if you need us.

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