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Press Release: America’s Oldest Physician Practice Management Company Sold to Current Management Tea

Medical Management, Inc. (‘MedMan’), the Boise-based physician practice management company founded by Idahoan Jim Trounson in 1977 was recently acquired by four current employees. The new owners are:

· Randall Evaro, President

· Jay Holmes, Chief Financial Officer

· Molly Ramsay, Corporate Operations Director

· Jesse Arnoldson, Business Development Director

MedMan’s model to provide management services through an employed, full-time medical practice executive will continue to be the company’s foundation. Through this model MedMan strives to challenge the status quo in healthcare allowing physicians to take care of their patients while knowing that the management of their practice is performing how it should. In turn, improving the communities in which we work. MedMan’s consulting, knowledgebase and network further enhance the core services provided to medical groups through practice assessments, strategic planning and staff training. MedMan currently manages medical groups in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Utah and Alaska.

“I’ll be rooting for MedMan 2.0 along the way. I expect it to take off with these younger, high energy leaders and owners.” - Jim Trounson, MedMan Founder

Contact Information Name: Molly Ramsay, Corporate Operations Director / Owner Organization: Medical Management, Inc. (‘MedMan’) Address: PO BOX 5328, Boise, ID 83705 Phone: (208) 333.0000

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