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  • Molly Ramsay

Tailor the Message

It is quite common for organizations to conduct a version of a personality assessment with their team. MedMan does; we use the DiSC behavior assessment tool. Whether it be Myers-Briggs, Strengths Finders, Colors, Psychogeometrics, or any other personality assessment tool that's out there, how are you using it?

In my experience, these tools are rolled out to teams to understand the differences among people, which is incredibly helpful, however it can put people on the defensive. We've seen greater success when people use these types of tools to better understand how they, themselves, can adapt their communication style to craft the delivery of their message to get the outcome they desire. Understanding how people make decisions and the way they want input, gets you decisions more quickly and moving in the right direction. For example, if someone is a direct, to the point personality, then be prepared with the facts and be concise in your interaction or request. Yes or no decisions are preferred, so make it easy for them to respond that way.

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