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Clinics that Work: Factors to Success

Earlier this year, while attending the national conference for oral and maxillofacial surgery practices, I had the opportunity to attend Dave Weber’s session on the X-Factors to Success. Dave walked the group through an engaging, energetic, and comedic presentation, based on his book, The X Factor: 12 Keys to Set Your Practice Apart. I decided to show a short clip of his presentation (found here), based on his “Quack Attack” approach at a staff meeting. While this funny 3-minute clip provided some levity and laughter to the meeting, that wasn’t the primary reason I was showing it. After we watched and we all had a good laugh, I asked the group why they thought I showed the clip.

“Because we are whiners and complainers?”, someone piped up.

Again, we all laughed.

No, that wasn’t it.

It was to deliver this powerful message. “In this practice, we don’t whine, we don’t’ grumble, we don’t complain. We look for solutions and express ideas on how we can make stuff better. That’s how this group works.”

Dave has some great ideas on swinging culture in a group and I highly recommend his presentation if you ever have an opportunity.

Author: Brian McLaughlin is the Administrator for Krueger & Lenox Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in Bend, Oregon - a MedMan-managed practice.

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