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  • Molly Ramsay

Confidence in Knowing Who You Want on Your Team

A number of years ago, MedMan was introduced to the book Who: The A Method for Hiring by Geoff Smart and Randy Street. The beliefs and approaches that the book outlined are something that we ultimately adopted with some fine tuning to reflect our culture and industry. Among the many nuggets that we took away was the idea of creating a scorecard for each position we recruit for. Job descriptions are important, but creating the scorecard is an exercise for us to articulate, to a greater level of detail, what success would look like for the position. The desired outcomes and required competencies for one position are not the same for another. The job description, nuances of the particular department and personalities of the existing team can all influence what will make up the scorecard. Here are a few of the competencies and characteristics we included in our scorecard for a recent opening:


  • understanding of value-based reimbursement trends and requirements

  • clinic operations (preferably hospital-owned medical group experience)

  • demonstrated ability to think strategically

  • experience with rural healthcare and its unique needs

  • good grasp of financials - pulling reports/creating reports/analyzing and explaining

  • able to develop people and the team


  • technology savvy - sees technology as helpful, not a hindrance

  • positive energy and passion - can gage the group dynamics and carries the appropriate amount of energy

  • flexible / adaptable to needs of the position or others

  • edge: can make tough/unpopular decisions

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