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  • Jim Trounson

For an Intentional Life, Write Your Own Obituaries Early On

…and then live your life backwards so that is what is how you are eulogized at your wake. I did it. And I think it is going to work. This longer-term planning creates purpose and clarity for human beings--and for enterprises.

MedMan has taken a page out of our own clinic planning book to make sure we too are flying to a more distant horizon. Our published MedMan 2040 Vision describes in detail how we will become the most respected medical group management option in the nation. A well articulated dream reveals answers to nagging questions of what shall we do today.

Eschewing the notion that healthcare is changing too fast for down range planning, medical groups need to build themselves to last with a future-view acknowledging that the sick and injured will forever need care. Great healthcare organizations think of themselves as perennial; so--unlike we individuals--their short-range planning cycle doesn’t end at a funeral.

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