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  • Geoff Schwiermann

Clinics that Work: Risk Management

Our women’s clinic has a very OB heavy patient population, so the OB providers and clinical staff inevitably spend a lot of time reciting the same information throughout their day. Because of this, they decided they wanted to have videos created that instruct patients on the things their doctors want them to be aware of, and address the most frequently asked questions.

This is not being done in order to increase the number of patients a provider can see in a day. Instead, it is being done to make sure the provider has more time to spend talking to the patients about their individual needs, and to take advantage of the time the patients spend waiting in the exam room. We have videos for our new OB patients to watch while they are waiting for the provider, and so far we have received positive feedback from both the patients and the providers. It is still early on in the process, but we are hopeful that this will improve the perception of time the patients feel they are getting with their provider, and improve the care being delivered.

- Geoff Schwiermann, MedMan Administrator - Seasons Medical, Rexburg, Idaho

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