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  • Chuck Hulse

Do Networks Work?

Recently, a question was posed to the MedMan Team group about the value of MGMA Certification…. Is it worth the time and effort? MGMA promotes that Certification, as well as attaining Fellowship, quite literally “pay” for the effort with higher compensation than those without these designations. No question about it, certifications have value. My sense of it is that the higher pay is not for achieving the designation per se, rather the underlying value of commitment to professional growth, and that’s where the network comes in.

As I listened to my colleagues at a recent Corporate Team meeting, without being prompted in any way, everyone had a story of how they had tapped in to a network during the week preceding the meeting. Jim recounted his most recent connection with a member of the Young Presidents Organization (YPO), Jesse shared a story from his Idaho MGMA meeting that week, and Molly had taken advantage of the MedMan alumni network to identify candidates for a medical practice position in Montana. I had pulled up a budget template that was shared with me by a former business partner – a network connection maintained for over 20 years.

These are examples of how a network can connect us to people that will challenge our thinking with different perspectives, and can deliver all sorts of information to support important business decisions. Access to these touch points are invaluable to us as professionals and, in turn, create value for the organizations that we serve. Networks work when you commit to working the network.

Our belief in the concept of network is so strong that MedMan is launching a new form of affiliation with MedMan – a subscription agreement. At about $3.00 a day, our aim is to provide affordable access to our MedMan network of focused medical practice professionals.

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