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  • Chuck Hulse

Tools to Enjoy Both Life and Work

It is well publicized that physicians are experiencing a rate of burnout at over 50%. Physicians in Residency Programs report even higher levels of burnout. Last month, I teamed up with Dr. Epperly, CEO of the Family Medicine Residency of Idaho in Boise, to engage a group of 20 Residents in a discussion on this important topic.

Not surprisingly, the ripple effect of this epidemic of burnout has reached other members of the healthcare team, and is starting to be acknowledged in the literature, including the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s (IHI), new training program for leaders titled Joy in Work.

Interventions and changes are being introduced at three distinct levels – the regulatory and macro healthcare environment, the organizational level, and of course the individual level. With the macro healthcare environment seemly far removed for most of us in the trenches, IHI is supporting change at the organizational level, while I am personally an advocate for change at the individual level.

We have some tools available to us. I am familiar with a framework discussed in The Success Principles, a book by Jack Canfield – a type of personal assessment. The IHI is using a similar framework in their white paper targeted to leaders in organizations, the Framework for Improving Joy in Work. As an individual and in your role as leader, I am challenging you to consider the assessments below - review each area of your life and work and ask yourself where you are sensing a lack of balance... what areas of the framework are you neglecting, avoiding, or not paying attention to? As you reflect on these frameworks, determine a step that you could take tomorrow to rebalance and experience more joy, in work and life.

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