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  • Molly Ramsay

Embracing Innovation

It is often easier to continue to do what we've always done rather than step back and question why we do something a certain way and take the steps to a different approach. In healthcare, we have a number of barriers to delivering care to our patients - complexities in billing and regulation, geography, demand and uncertainty.

As part of our continued commitment to improvement and innovation, we invited our team of medical practice executives to submit stories of innovation in their clinics. At our recent annual company meeting, MedMan University, we heard three stories of innovation and presented MedMan's inaugural Innovation Award to Bill Stangl and the team at Campbell County Health in Gillette, Wyoming. Bill's presentation LEAN Approach…LARGE Results was chosen by the MedMan Team as the industry innovation with the greatest impact to one of our medical practices. As a result of Campbell County Health's innovative approach to scheduling, they have decreased patient wait times, increased patient and employee satisfaction, eliminated paperwork, increased productivity and improved provider quality of life. The other two innovation nominations were Mark Stewart and Northwest Brain and Spine's telehealth program and Jared Schultz and Arthritis Clinic of Central Utah's streamlined patient intake process. Thank you to all the practices for your commitment to creating access through clinics that work.

MedMan's COO, Chuck Hulse presenting Bill Stangl with the Innovation Award. The award was sponsored by The Coding Network. The Coding Network is a strategic partner of MedMan that provides Coding Services, Coding Accuracy and Compliance Audit Services, and related training.

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