• Jim Trounson

Turbulence Reveals New Markets

I can’t do much about national healthcare delivery changes, but I can choose my responses. I am choosing to see the positives and apply MedMan’s resources and flexibility to make a difference out there. Here’s what we’ve developed lately.

new type of client – Our biggest contract ever came recently from an Oregon insurance plan that is creating access for its members by building its own clinics, turning over the development and management to MedMan.

new region - An Arkansas billing company has retained us to turn it into a MedMan-look-alike; a full management services organization.

new state – The critical access hospital in Libby, Montana is the newest dot on our MedMan map.

new product – Our clients are benefiting from our transition-to-value programs in which we are assisting them improve, measure and be reimbursed for quality.

Flying from this tumult’s downdraft to its updraft has given MedMan new markets in which to soar.

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