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When given the challenge to assist a client with operationalizing a new 25,000 square foot facility our project team went to the Library.

I think back to schlepping to the library on a snowy winter day – a tall brick edifice, perched higher than surrounding buildings, a huge oversized entrance, being greeted by helpful staff who pointed me to the massive book resting on a table of its own that contained the index that would tell me the floor in the building, the area on that floor, the section within the area, and finally the Dewey Decimal identifier of the resource that I sought. Now, up to the archives on the 4th floor to find…. 002.500.077 Checklist for a New Physician Office Building. Then, the search for a quiet table.

How times have changed. Now Marian, MedMan's Electonic Librarian helps us do the same search in less than 60 seconds. Marian is the name given to the shared file of document templates, policies, tools and checklists that have been developed over 41-years by MedMan professional staff.

Hating to reinvent the wheel and demonstrating a core value of sharing, MedMan administrators and corporate staff regularly contribute to a fund of knowledge by placing items to be shared into one of the SharePoint folders. Lawyers call it intellectual property – we call it Marian.

We learned some things at the 'library' this week. Here are a few highlights from the compilation of files and checklists that will make for a successful grand opening of the new office:

  • Focus on those things with the longest lead times – in addition to the carpet and casework, provider credentialing, and a host of other things hang up an on-time opening.

  • Purge – old things and old ways. Avoid bringing old habits into the new work environment.

  • Get staff into the space once the demising walls are up to practice and fine tune work flow.

  • Finance and other support departments need to identify, design, build and test new reporting protocols.

  • Of course, considerations for technology abound… laptops or desktops, VOIP?, wireless hubs, single sign on software for security and efficiency, and more.

Unfortunately for students like me, there are no excuses for not getting research done – the library is open 24/7.

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